Good for you

  • High in natural antioxidants
  • Up to 20% fibre
  • Fat free and low in calories
  • Contain vitamin C, potassium and folate


Raspberries are grown for the fresh fruit market and for commercial processing into individually quick frozen (IQF) fruit, purée, juice, or as dried fruit used in a variety of grocery products. Traditionally, raspberries were a late summer crop, but with new technology, cultivars, and transportation, they can now be obtained year-round. Raspberries need ample sun and water for optimal development and thrive in well-drained soil.  Scottish raspberries are among the best, if not THE BEST, in the world. Sweet and flavourful, Raspberries offer a mouth-watering taste sensation on their own or used within a wide variety of gastronomical delights.

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